• Are premenstrual anxiety, depression or sudden mood swings ruining your life?
  • Do you have overpowering food cravings along with mood changes just before your period?
  • Are you curious about how what you eat can impact your mental health, especially when PMS or PMDD come around again?
If you've ever found yourself in front of the TV after a bad day, mindlessly digging ice cream out of the container with a spoon, then you’ll probably agree that there is a strong connection between your mood and food. So can the relationship work in our favour?

You’ve heard that food can influence your moods but

  • You’ve tried going sugar-free or gluten-free, but you don’t really notice a difference and it’s too hard to stick to
  • You spend days trawling the internet reading about what has worked for others and just end up more confused than when you started.
  • You try to look after yourself but it always feels like one step forward, two steps back when PMDD lurks
It's SO Frustrating, Isn't it!!

And it’s not your fault

Our supermarkets are full of factory-processed foods that bear little resemblance to the farm or field they supposedly yielded from

80% of the food we are exposed to is full of added sugars, not to mention the 1000’s of chemicals and e-numbers that are only tested for safety in the most rudimentary way – and not at all for the cumulative effect they might have on our hormones, brains and nervous systems.

Our food system is ruined by huge corporations spending literally billions of dollars researching consumer psychology and human physiology – and they know exactly which ingredients and messages to manipulate our palates with.

Your own physiology can work against you too! With natural hormone fluctuations influencing our feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine – it’s no wonder we can feel wobbly with energy drops and appetite changes throughout our cycles.

It's time to take back control of our own bodies and minds!

Your mental health can be impacted by

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Nutritional & environmental toxicity
  • Inflammation, which impacts your brain, nervous system and hormonal systems
  • The Gut-Brain connection
  • Food allergies or intolerance
When you have this knowledge and awareness, you have more power to make better choices about how you feed your mental health

If you’re curious about the food-mood connection, then sign up for this free masterclass, where we will explore:

  • WHY nutrition is so critical for good mental health
  • Which foods keep your moods buoyed and stabilised
  • What are the most common mood-busters that are ubiquitous in our supermarkets
  • How simple steps you can take can improve your relationship with food and mood so you can help support your brain and your body’s response to stress and hormonal sensitivity

The same masterclass will be offered at different times to accommodate various time zones. Choose between:

The masterclass will run for approximately 45min, plus question time. It will be recorded and a replay link will be sent out to you if you can’t make it live. CLICK HERE to check the time zone conversion

For people in the US/Canada time zone, please note that Thursday in Australia is actually Wednesday afternoon/evening in your time zone! The masterclass that is listed as Wednesday in Australia will be in the middle of the night for you so you are better off signing up to the Thursday session.

What others said:

Hello! I’m Heidi

I am a Naturopath, Nutritionist, mum to two humans and too-many pets, bushwalker, koala-spotter, bookworm, yoga try-hard, and PMDD Survivor.

I struggled with PMDD symptoms for years and know how lonely and desperate it can feel when you’re so miserable and no one really gets it.

That’s why I’m so passionate to help other PMDD Warriors to get off the “hormotional” rollercoasters. I help them balance body and mind naturally so they can feel like themselves again, all month long, and finally make peace with PMDD.

Heidi is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable PMDD practitioners I know. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the condition and helping women to realise that they CAN feel better. Highly recommend Heidi to any woman with PMDD or severe PMS.

Hayley StathisNaturopath & Clinical Nutritionist