Are your hormones driving you crazy? Maybe even ruining your whole life?

Is the monthly emotional rollercoaster making you feel exhausted and miserable?

Is it ruining your relationships – with your partner, kids, family, friends, & work colleagues?

"Every month I feel so out of control: Despair, anger, suicidal thinking, self-loathing, uncontrollable crying, resentment, disconnection from family… I shut down completely. Then my period comes and poof, it’s gone. I'm me again."

Does this sound familiar:
  • You’ve heard that there’s no cure for PMDD
  • Your doctor has told you your blood tests are normal, but you definitely don’t feel normal
  • You’ve been told that your only options are birth control or anti-depressants …or wait for menopause.
  • You spend days trawling support groups for what has helped others & just end up more confused.
  • You’re scared to try new treatments because so many things can make you feel WORSE
  • You know this isn’t the way to live a happy and fulfilling life, and you are looking for answers
If you’ve been curious about what’s really going on to cause these debilitating premenstrual symptoms, then sign up for this free masterclass, BRAIN BODY BALANCE, where we will explore:
  • What the hell is going on in your brain & your hormones and why they can make you feel crazy every month
  • Understanding the effect hormones & neurotransmitters have on your overall health and mental wellbeing
  • The biochemistry that could be driving your premenstrual symptoms, & what you can do about it
  • A naturopathic approach to understanding and managing PMDD
  • Why lab tests don’t always provide answers – and which ones can be useful
  • Where other approaches have been letting you down
  • Some simple & effective ways to bring your hormones & mental health back into balance
  • What you can do to regain control of your cycle instead of being victim to it


Register here to join the discussion on 3 common drivers behind PMDD, & what you can do about it from a holistic viewpoint.

The masterclass will run for approximately 45min, plus question time. It will be recorded and a replay link will be sent out to you if you can’t make it live. CLICK HERE to check the time zone conversion

For people in the US/Canada, please note that Thursday morning in Australia is actually Wednesday afternoon/evening for you! 

Hi! I’m Heidi Hogarth

I am a naturopath, nutritionist, mum of two, & soon-to-be-EFT practitioner, especially for people with hormonal mental health challenges like premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). My mission is to help clients get off the “hormotional” roller-coasters, using nutrition, herbal medicine, EFT and body-mind awareness; to regain a sense of calm & confidence in themselves, and grow to love the power of their menstrual cycles instead of feeling victim to it.

I am a firm advocate for body-mind medicine, meaning that fortifying the biochemistry of your body and brain has a powerful positive impact on mental and emotional wellbeing (Your brain, after all, is a flesh-and-blood organ of your physical body).

I am also a bushwalking enthusiast, expert koala-spotter, bookworm & yoga try-hard. I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, auntie and friend…  creating a life of love, curiosity, adventures & plenty of chill time with friends & family, nature & spiritual exploration, always striving to support others to achieve their Big Life Plans however I can.

Heidi is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable PMDD practitioners I know. She is dedicated to raising awareness of the condition and helping women to realise that they CAN feel better. Highly recommend Heidi to any woman with PMDD or severe PMS.

Hayley StathisNaturopath & Clinical Nutritionist

Heidi's sessions were all very helpful. She has such a broad knowledge when it comes to PMDD but in particular her sessions on nutrition are packed with information and practical advice and are easy to understand. I've already put some of her practices into place and they've made a difference to my fatigue. Heidi is very kind and shows a genuine concern for those joining her sessions. She is very down to earth and approachable. Thankyou Heidi.

AnneSouth Australia

Heidi offers such depth of knowledge to her clients; She listens carefully, weighs symptoms together, and provides treatment options. When those treatment options pose issues for the client, she helps them strategize how they can make the treatment work in their everyday situation. She is personable, professional, and empathetic. I could not have asked for a better experience!


Heidi's knowledge of brain and body, paired with her passion for helping people change their lives through evidence-based principles and simple to follow nutrition make for the perfect reset!

JessicaCanberra, ACT

I’m grateful for Heidi’s knowledge and willingness to share all her information she was so kind understanding and broke information down so that it clicked.