Do you have a rocky relationship with your menstrual cycle?

Wish you could have balanced, even moods all throughout every month,  even the dreaded premenstrual time?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to trust yourself again, & have the confidence to be able to plan your days, your life and achieve your big dreams? Heck – even just going to a party without having to check your cycle calendar and fearing your moods ruining it would be nice

Have you had enough of the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hide personalities that seem intent on derailing everything you’ve worked hard for…

It sounds like you might have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

If you feel like your hormones are driving you crazy, and you’re sick of the stress that morphs you from cool, calm & collected to a suddenly raging screamer…

If you’re exhausted from the rollercoaster of hormonal emotions, but too overwhelmed to work out how to stay in control, whether you just need more green smoothies or perhaps need to look into getting your hormones tested, then please know…


You are not alone. You are not crazy. You are not broken.

PMDD is a beast.

And you’ve come to the right place.

My signature program Project PMDD Power is almost ready to take enrolments for August. It’s a 10-week program designed for you to uncover the reasons behind your monthly misery, reset your body-mind balance for more stable moods every month, re-connect with your inner nature and reignite your self love & acceptance.

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Hi! I’m Heidi

Motivated by my own debilitating & lonely experience with PMDD, my specialty is in supporting people PMDD & severe PMS  to get off the “hormotional” roller-coasters, to balance body and mind naturally, to regain a sense of calm & confidence in themselves, and feel in control of their menstrual cycles instead of victim to it.

It’s simple, but it’s not always easy, especially when the premenstrual beast is determined to undo all the good work you’ve achieved at the beginning of the month. That’s why professional and community support is so integral to your healing journey. Come join us!

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Relief from PMDD is Possible

You CAN enjoy a normal life again

You CAN function in work, life & relationships in a fulfilling way

You DESERVE happy and harmonious relationships

AND you are worthy. Worthy, Worthy, WORTHY.

five women of different skin colour and cultural background, all wearing white clothes, walking together across a field of green grass, smiling

Heidi is a very knowledgeable and reliable Naturopath. She has helped me with various health issues including Hashimoto disease and is someone I seek for advice for a natural approach to my health and well-being.


Heidi really took the time to talk to my 7yo daughter & understand her symptoms. She was very kind, gentle, patient and empathic which helped my daughter to feel comfortable. I was really impressed with the holistic view Heidi took of my daughter's health. She then provided us with a really comprehensive plan, & within a month my daughter's symptoms had gone, and she was feeling much better overall. Heidi's advice has helped us to be more aware of the kinds of diet and lifestyle choices we can make to keep our whole family healthier

Emma, UK

Heidi helped me gain a whole new perspective over the way I balance my diet and the types of food I eat. Although I was sceptical at first particularly in being able to cut down carbohydrates 😂 - I experienced great results and lost 10 kgs which I have not put back on after over a year!


Heidi is great at telling me and my brother what’s healthy and what’s not. She gives us supplements so we can stay happy and healthy. She also tells us what’s right and what’s wrong to do too.

Zara (9)Adelaide

I was surprised at how quickly Metabolic Balance shifted my long-standing hormonal imbalance. Within two cycles I was finding my 10-14 days of PMDD had become 1-2 days of mild irritability, the insomnia drastically improved and my period even became lighter and less painful. My cycle is no longer ruling my life

Tessa - Victoria

I discovered Heidi through listening to a PMDD podcast interview. I was frustrated with Doctors offering medication to mask the symptoms of this misunderstood disorder. I was seeking a more natural plan and approach to manage this. Heidi has provided clarity and understanding surrounding my diagnosis of PMDD, as a sufferer herself – I have found confidence in taking her advice.

Emma I - SA

Heidi is my 'go to' for women's health and wellbeing, as well as nutritional advice for my kids, addressing gut support, anxiety and sleep issues. I have 100% confidence that she has our health and wellbeing at the core of all her advice.

Emma C - Sydney

Heidi and I are working on natural ways to complement medication to control major cyclic depression. I have great confidence and hope in the support I’m being offered Heidi has great personal strengths, lived experiences as well as genuine empathy in her clients’ situations and needs.

Carmen - Sydney

I acknowledge that the land I live on and work from today are the traditional lands of the Kaurna people and I respect their spiritual relationship to country.  I  acknowledge that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to Kaurna people living today. I pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal leaders past, present and emerging.