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Heidi really took the time to talk to my 7yo daughter, to understand all her symptoms. She was very kind, gentle, patient and empathic which helped my daughter to feel comfortable to discuss it all. I was really impressed with the holistic view Heidi took of my daughter's health, tracing connections between her presenting issue and other niggling problems. Heidi then provided us with a really comprehensive plan, involving a new kid-friendly healthy diet and some special lotions that Heidi made up for us herself using natural locally-sourced ingredients. She helped us to find recipes we could actually use day to day and this helped us to follow her advice. My daughter felt very motivated as she really trusted Heidi to help her. Within a month my daughter's symptoms had gone, and she was feeling much better overall. Heidi's advice has helped us to be more aware of the kinds of diet and lifestyle choices we can make to keep our whole family healthier

Emma, UK

Heidi is a very knowledgeable and reliable Naturopath. She has helped me with various health issues including Hashimoto disease and is someone I seek for advice for a natural approach to my health and well-being.


Heidi helped me gain a whole new perspective over the way I balance my diet and the types of food I eat. Although I was sceptical at first particularly in being able to cut down carbohydrates 😂 - I experienced great results and lost 10 kgs which I have not put back on after over a year!


Heidi is great at telling me and my brother what’s healthy and what’s not. She gives us supplements so we can stay happy and healthy. She also tells us what’s right and what’s wrong to do too.

Zara (9)Adelaide